Aïsha Devi

Aïsha Devi Live A/V (CH)

Formerly known as Kate Wax, Aïsha Devi heads MIRA Berlin for the World Premiere of her new album ‘DNA Feelings’ (out on May 11 via Houndstooth), with a new AV Show created alongside with Emile Barret. The visual part of the show is truly spectacular as it is a declination of the videogame Barret designed after Devi’s debut LP ‘Of Matter And Spirit’ (Houndstooth , 2015).

Aïsha Devi’s voice is her most powerful tool in a repertoire that includes thumping beats and rave stabs, seraphic and guttural throat singing, mystical linguistics and corporeal sonics. She applies meditation techniques in her approach to production and performance, channelling metaphysical research and ritualistic practice. This is Mantra Pop!