Internet’s social debates with Entter

Internet’s social debates with Entter Conference (ES)

Raúl Berrueco is the mastermind behind Entter, a Spanish visual artist with a wide experience in curating exhibitions and audiovisual performances. Entter heads MIRA Berlin to present his project-conference State-of-the-art Dystopia in order to open a debate on social problematics and world facts.

State-of-the-art Dystopia is a series of images and videos that includes text and quotes accompanied by emoji symbols. It addresses topics of power, politics, economy, privacy, big data, tech firms, capitalism, war, climate change, and other contemporary issues. The artist challenges the viewer, using layered visual poetry to display multiple visions, exposing our everyday dystopia and the awkwardness of the new technological post-internet era.

Press PLAY and get to know more about the project-conference with these 2 short videos made by Entter:


“Internet’s social debates” will be moderated by Estela Oliva.