Iglooghost Live (UK)

Iglooghost is a UK-based, teenage, electronic producer of hyperspeed booms, fizzes, squeezes and stretches. As the newest signee to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, he has recently released his new EP ‘Little Grids’, the one he’ll be playing at MIRA Berlin and a very relevant, brilliant work that consists of 3 short vignettes that function as glimpses into the antics of several unrelated beings.

What makes Iglooghost even more attractive for the audience of a festival like MIRA Berlin is the fact that he’s also responsible for a large amount of the visual accompaniments to his music, which tell the unfolding story of a levitating gummy worm named Xiangjiao who suffers the peculiar, unexplained fate of perpetually flying through infinite, peach-coloured portals.