15 seconds of Light by ProtoPixel and Tigrelab supported by Robe Lighting

15 seconds of Light by ProtoPixel and Tigrelab supported by Robe Lighting INSTALLATION/WORKSHOP (ES)

Installation and workshop by ProtoPixel and Tigrelab, supported by Robe Lighting.

Installation: 5pm-5am

Workshop: 10am-4pm (separate ticket) / in English

Since 2015 the lighting tech company ProtoPixel and the new media art studio Tigrelab have collaborated intensively together, bringing to life unique experiences built from light, sound and space.

This creative process has led them to create innovative technologies for dynamic lighting control from pixel addressable LED to moving lights.

For MIRA Festival Berlin, ProtoPixel and Tigrelab, with the support of Robe Lighting, will create an interactive lighting installation specially designed for the Funkhaus Sound Chamber, making use of their powerful state-of-the-art lighting control technology.

These tools and the whole creative process for the installation will be showcased in a 6-hour workshop taking place in the sound chamber itself.

The workshop is open to a wide range of participants, such as lighting practitioners, audiovisual and sound designers, creative coders, makers and artists. It aims to explore the creative possibilities that emerge from the light-sound-space combination and the technologies behind being such a hands-on approach.

Sign up for the workshop here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/light-sound-space-workshop-tickets-45231236847