Kode9 x Lawrence Lek present The Nøtel

Kode9 x Lawrence Lek present The Nøtel Live A/V (UK/DE)

The evolution of the British hardcore continuum would not be the same without him: Steve Goodman is perhaps the most important figure of the UK bass music scene. He was one of the founding members of the early dubstep scene with the late MC and former collaborator The Spaceape and founder of label Hyperdub. Originally from Glasgow and now based in London Goodman will perform live a new audiovisual show created by the German artist Lawrence Lek. The show is based on an evacuated fully automated luxurious hotel called Notel, whose logo appears on the front cover of the album: the rooms and corridors of this phantasmagorical and mesmerizing stage design will act as the platform to develop his new compositions, masterfully moving between the most cutting edge terrain of grime, footwork, dubstep and music from B-list movies.

His youthful collaborator Lawrence Lek defines himself as a simulation artist, a creator of ambiguous spaces and sensory experiences such as holograms, volatile sculptures and gravity defying scenery.