Pfadfinderei VJ set (DE)

Berlin-based design and motion graphics studio Pfadfinderei [fɑ:d’fɪndɜ:raɪ] aim to produce timeless original design ideas and apply their creative hearts and minds to any and all of their work. To this day, vectors and a reductionist approach to creativity are their hallmark and signature style. Going beyond screen work, they apply innovative ideas to fusing light, video and spatial design. By adding motion content and installations to its repertoire Pfadfinderei found itself at the heart of the vibrant Berlin electronic music and nightlife scene. Through countless collaborations with leading Berlin clubs and talent, the Pfadfinderei crew became an integral part of the mix.

At MIRA Berlin Pfadfinderei will play their visuals on stage alongside the live music of The Field in a very special, unique AV show that will only take place once in the German capital.