Sunny Graves

Sunny Graves Live A/V (ES)

Sunny Graves is the defining project of Barcelona-based electronic musician Simon Williams, who’s currently preparing his second release, Erosion EP (Disboot), following on from the first – Bayou EP – and embodying a thoroughly meditated collection of work, made up of four carefully crafted rhythmic, melodic, textural and emotional explorations in which dense layers of synthesisers and processed samples collide and breathe with pulsing beats.

At MIRA Berlin he will play some new unreleased tracks of this forthcoming EP by using his well-known live performing skills through software, synthesisers, mixing board, effects pedals, sampler and voice. All this will turn into a unique, specially co-created AV show with visual work made by graphic/visual artists Ariadna Serrahima and No-Domain (Joaquín Urbina), based on abstract compositions of video fragments primarily in black and white which seek to further stress the importance of contrast in a project inspired by subtlety and abrasiveness, light and its absence.