Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits present REFLECTIONS

Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits present REFLECTIONS Live A/V (FR)

Takami Nakamoto -member of the well-known NONOTAK studio alongside Noemi Schipfer- and French drummer Sébastien Benoits will come to MIRA Berlin with their new project ‘Reflections’, a Live AV show evolving NONOTAK’s previous work ‘TKMNKMT’. This will be their very first appearance in Berlin and for this special occasion they will perform at the Record Hall 1 on what’s going to be a true, exciting, and heartbreaking Live AV show. We talk about an audiovisual concert where everything (music, strobos, leds) is synchronized and real-time generated by combining different techniques: analog drums, electronic music, lights, led-structures and strobo-structures.

There are no screens, the visual part is the explosion of different lights itself as a result of the combination with the musics live performing. At MIRA 2015 we had the chance to enjoy them playing live in Barcelona and the result is such an awesome, evolving experience for the audience.