WaqWaq Kingdom

WaqWaq Kingdom 4DSOUND Live (DE)

Being a sort of electronica power duo, WaqWaq Kingdom are Shigeru Ishihara (mostly known as the legendary DJ Scotch Egg) and Kiki Hitomi (singer-songwriter of King Midas Sound). At MIRA Berlin, Shigeru and Kiki will present an exclusive live show within the program of 4DSOUND.

The Science Ninja team WaqWaq Kingdom is returning to our solar system with this brain melting five tracker, continuing their space exploration program where they left off with the 2017 epic “Shinsekai“.

DJ Scotchegg and Kiki Hitomi are setting out to time-warp input from African electronic pioneers like Francis Bebe, eerie Super Nintendo soundtracks and low-end nanotech into a highly hypnotic tribal cyborg experience that’s not to be misssed. Gravity- and genre-defying disc, including a mystical appearance of dub poetry sensei Roger Robinson!